A Woman That Hates Shopping

I am a woman and I can’t stand in-store shopping. It’s one of the most tedious tasks to partake in. I’m perfectly fine when it comes to online shopping but when it comes to stores I’m usually drained after exiting the first store.


Im this guy after one store.

On one hand, I’m very frugal so the idea of splurging my money in multiple stores doesn’t appeal to me. On top of that, shopping triggers my anxiety and causes a sensory overload. supermarket-paradox-of-choice

Seeing this is enough to make me beeline to the bottled water and purchase a snack at the register.

Then there’s the people part. There’s just too many people to encounter and maneuver around in stores. It just seems like there’s too much going on. Too many options, too many people, too many stores…

Any time I go shopping I go to a specific store for a specific item and if they don’t have it then that’s the end of that. I’ll plan to go to another store another day. On top of that, each store has sales associates asking if you need help which is their job but I wish there was a way to tell workers to leave you alone without having to say it.


Online shopping is more appealing for so many reasons. No human interaction, you can control what products you see, no seemingly endless walking in and out of stores, plus everything is just a click away. Also, I know that if I place my order its something that I actually want because it takes me days to click confirm and in that time I’ve modified my cart.

Shopping with my mom is an introverts, socially anxious, and sensory overload nightmare. She will say she’s only getting one thing, so you prepare yourself for just one thing. Next thing you know you’ve been in 20 stores, carrying 10 bags, and spent an entire day in two different malls.

Family and friends know not to expect store bought gifts from me on birthdays. I have a hard time shopping for myself, so shopping for someone else is just not happening. Im a heavy DIY’er so your gift will be made with love 😁.

Introvert problems…

I have to plan when I’m going to do something. I literally have to mentally prepare myself to do tasks the night before.

I have tasks I need to complete? I’m more likely to complete them efficiently if I’ve planned for them the night prior.

to-do-list-toolsGoing out to a club/lounge/bar every weekend? I can not! Once a month works fine for me but I must be told a few days in advance that going out to one of these places is the plan.

Then after these events I feel completely drained and need two days of solitude to recharge. I only attend these type of things because it’s what my friends like to do and I kind of like my friends.


Things I’d much rather do….

  • Go to an outdoor concert
  • Go out to eat
  • Go to a museum, gallery, or outdoor lounge
  • Go to a festival, outdoor market, carnival, or any outdoor event.
  • Just about anything that isn’t a combination of loud, crowded, and indoor.


It could be the result of sensory overload, anxiety, claustrophobia, and being an introvert. Since I usually don’t want to go to certain type of events (which is usually where my friends want to go) I often don’t get invited to go. Most of my days are spent at home, on my laptop.

introvert-happy-placeDoes social events drain you? Do you often want to go places but the thought of going to a club makes you go “ehhh I’ll just watch Netflix”?